Canberra, Australia
2010 — 2018

No one compliments a photograph on the precision of it’s corners or the parallelness of its sides, much in the same way that no one compliments humans on the general rigidity of their hidden structures and biases. Yet it remains true that the borders of a photograph, like the prejudices of consciousness, are so defining, so rigid, so focus-making that both a “photograph” and a “human” would literally be nothing without them. No parameter ︎ no thing.
In the photographs of Jamie Hladky there seems to be an inherent understanding and use of this hidden parametric. The typically clear, guiding subject is absent; the viewer is not escorted to a center and meaning; this puts uncanny emphasis on the usually hidden outline. This frame seems to momentarily rest on a situation rather than defining one — this is lovely and sort of like magic.